BLAC Detroit

A regional magazine shaped by the spirit of its people and its history

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Photo Direction, Strategy 

BLAC Detroit magazine is a staple amongst the city’s diverse black locals. It delivers the scoop on current topics and insights into the up-and-coming, all while respecting the rich history of its city.

Every month the photo-rich pages are drenched in Detroit attitude and award-winning stories.  

BLAC’s design direction can be summarized as playfully sexy, elegantly simple and comfortably approachable, thus allowing for consistency and allowance to break a few rules. Photography, typography, color and editorial content are all carefully finessed together to add visual interest and a deeper emotional connection between the magazine and the reader.

How does one deliver a high quality product on a limited design budget?

Through collaborations with local talent, dedication from the company’s creative team, my orchestration as Creative Director and my vision as Graphic Designer overcame the reality of the budgetary limitations. The results were beautiful and effective. Readers and advertisers alike loved the magazine, evident by reader demand and advertising partnerships.

From styling a model to styling a mango; the variety of content in BLAC exercised my versatility as a designer, director and problem solver.